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Some banks quietly shrinking loan money to corporate loans

In earnings, as well as the increasing pressure of credit background, positions of Bank personal loan services is shrinking.
9, economic Herald reporter learned from various banking institutions in Jinan, now part of Bank mortgage offers, while a number of banks cease to process individual consumption loan business, some of which still conducts the business of the Bank, personal loan interest rates than the base interest rate floating 50%.
"both in terms of risk or earnings, Bank's personal business and there is a big gap between the duigongyewu. "A State-owned bank Shandong branch account manager Zhang Jian said to Herald reporter.
XI ' an Jiaotong University School of Economics and finance Professor Zhou Guangsheng Wizard newspaper reporters face greater financial pressures due to the four-quarter Bank, credit will be subject to certain restrictions, and spreads to reduce impact of asymmetric rate cuts has also increased, the result on behalf of the Bank's effort to tilt on the corporate lending business more profitable.
/> contraction "didn't expect interest rates down, offers no. "9th, just from banks to the mortgage business of Jinan public Chen Meng Wizard newspaper reporters, many preferential policies of the Bank's first loan has been cancelled, some 90 percent of the Bank, is now restored to its benchmark interest rate," count down now before borrowing costs and lower interest rates is not much difference in the cost of loans. "
Herald reporter then call the BOC, China Construction Bank and other banks found that some banks do cancel the mortgage policies. China Merchants Bank (600036) Jinan credit Department staff said the Bank "11" after the holidays, discount first home loan interest rate from 90 percent to 95 percent, Jinan branch of Bank of China's credit Department staff said the Bank had cancelled home loan rates 90 percent discount has now returned to the base rate.
Herald reporter, interviews are found, with the mortgage tightening comes, there are banks of contraction of individual consumption loan business.
"we don't do it since the beginning of this year someone renovation loans. "China Merchants Bank the 9th Wizard staff reporter said. In a Herald reporter asked more than 10 Bank agencies in Jinan, and Minsheng Bank (600016), Bank of China, said that it had stopped doing business, only the construction Bank of China and Huaxia Bank (600015) and qilu Bank says it can handle.
However, when processing, personal loans have to bear the cost is quite high. Bank Shandong branch of staff on Wizard reported reporter said, if is decoration loan, loan people need handle property mortgage, various procedures, loan interest rate need floating to benchmark interest rate of 120%, and previously this a interest rate can in 10% to 20% Zhijian floating; qilu Bank Jinan sales of staff more is told Herald reporter, came to handle personal consumption loan at least need provides two sets property mortgage, while loan interest rate also to floating to benchmark interest rate of 150%.
Herald reporter to interview many of the Bank, Huaxia Bank loans for personal consumption is still only in accordance with the benchmark interest rate in the implementation, but the lenders need at least half a month's time.
Jian Wizard newspaper reporters whose previous branch had already stopped the processing of individual consumption loan business because Bank loans for personal consumption is difficult to control risk, while interest rates difficult to improve, costs are too high, some gain.
another joint-stock Bank's Senior Manager, said, the current row within the control of individual consumption loans tight and tend to business loans, even as the Bank to handle the business, than the base interest rates rising 30% to 40% are also common.

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