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Interest-free "car loan 160,000 fees of up to 20,000

yesterday, the owner complained to reporter said Miss z, when the car, 4S shop sales strongly recommended an "interest-free" loans eventually even need to pay fees of up to 20,000 yuan. Reporters found that various types of loans going to buy a car after another, experts advise, to keep an eye on whether the contract has "overbearing clause" and cannot listen to sales of a one-sided.

text/reporter and Li Jing Xuan

fishy "interest-free" years hidden loan fees 4%

z a month ago to miss a car Audi 4S store in Guangzhou, about good prices for more than 400,000 yuan. At that time, the salesmen asked her to recommend a car loan, which claims her car selected the lowest short term interest-free loan amount without fees for a loan year 160,000 yuan.

a few days later, Miss z got a call from a joint-stock Bank, as agreed in the Zhujiang new outlets opened a debit card, and then to the center of the line of credit, flat-panel computer display provided in staff signed their names on the agreement. A month later, Miss z to the 4S shops, sales said she's not interest-free no fee loans and bank check, signed a 3-year, one-year fee of about 4%.

because sales have been recommended are interest-free no fee loans, so when the bank clerk took over when asked to sign the agreement, Miss z said he didn't look at, only to discover later that fee. By 160,000 yuan loan, 4% fees a year, Miss z a year fee to be paid is 6400, 3 years is 19200. 4S shop fee is not charged by the Bank of interest, so according to the 4S shop customer service says, is indeed the "interest-free" loans. "Bank staff also said that I signed was an interest-free loan, the Bank does not charge handling fees, charge for 4S shop there. "Z Miss unsubscribe, results were rejected on the grounds that signed contracts.

yesterday, the reporter called the Bank, the Bank said, related products do exist, but are credit card payments business.

catch two enjoy an interest-free loan to tie insurance

car Miss Lee also encounters an unexpected situation. Miss Lee to buy a car, "sales said that the manufacturer had home financing company is rolling out a very advantageous purchase loan scheme, interest-free unsecured, you a 50% down payment, leaving 50% in 18 months after a one-time pay off. "Sales have repeatedly stressed that the loans are interest-free from fees, so Miss LI do not hesitate to apply for car finance loan.

but then the other car business is limited by Miss LI. "4S store sales, due to the use of the interest-free loans, so my first vehicle insurance must be purchased in the shop. "Miss LI said, when sales came highly recommended with some insurance companies insurance," then type price is more than 13,000 yuan, was more expensive than outside for at least a 20%. ”


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