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Guangdong did not start the mortgage stress tests only some banks have closed beta

yesterday's news, including Inner Mongolia, Yangtze River Delta and other regions of the regulators have the real estate loans were multiple tests and risk mapping. Currently overdue loan is no longer confined to the development of real estate loans, mortgage default risk of overdue loans has begun to expose.

"default risk does increase in the number of individual housing loans, but Guangdong is still controllable risk. "Canton real estate risk situations, head of Guangdong provincial branch of a State-owned bank credit reporters to South. A joint-stock Bank Guangzhou Branch said in an interview with Southern Metropolis reporter, while Guangdong regulators have not yet asked the Guangdong real estate credit of commercial banks to conduct stress tests and risk mapping, but banks have already conducted its own stress tests and risk mapping.

part of bank stress tests

this year, the CBRC warned several times of real estate loan risk. The CBRC Vice Chairman yan wrote that "real estate risk emerging in some areas, increased financial and economic fluctuations, is a major risk factor of rising bad loans. "

according to CBRC figures, June Bank property loans at the end of 16.2 trillion yuan, 20 per cent of outstanding loans. 8%. The CBRC Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing pointed out that China Bank property loans to 20% per cent of total loans, including loans to real estate developers, including personal loans, including personal loans accounted for about 67% of the entire real estate loans.

as the housing market downturn and calls for, all over rescue will also reflect the current estate is not optimistic. Regulatory vigilance in further improving the credit risk of real estate. Yesterday's news that, Inner Mongolia has begun mapping of CBRC's banking real estate loans, banks are required to report in the August real estate overdue loans and scale of bad loan disposal plans, which cannot be extended by new or old or overdue loans, requires that were classified as bad by the end of. In addition, regulators including the Yangtze River Delta and other areas of real estate loans are also a number of stress tests and risk mapping.

"Guangdong banking real estate credit Bank not currently within the jurisdiction of the relevant tests and mapping. "A joint-stock Bank, Guangdong Branch President said in an interview with Southern Metropolis reporter, although the regulation has not made a similar request, but commercial banks have carried out multiple tests and risk their own fishing expedition. "The real estate credit and local financing platforms areas has become a most mindful of the risks of commercial bank credit risk. "The joint-stock Bank Guangzhou Branch in the South reporter, prompted several times over a period of time of CBRC real estate credit and local financing platform for credit risk.


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