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Banks with sufficient credit limit credit growth or decline

the June credit rose more than expected, or are difficult to reproduce. CICC, an analysis shows, in late June and early July, the Bank raised part of the commercial bank credit, but in the case of deposits declined, falling risk appetite, many commercial banks have not enough credit.

"credit is expected in July, or even slightly below market expectations of 750 billion scale, M2 growth dropped to 14% from 14.7% in last month or so. "CICC's analysis shows.

in fact, recent estimates at some institutions credit data also reflects this trend, China Everbright, and Shen Wan, gold, haitong and many brokers estimated at 750 billion of new credit July and below, Shen Wan, haitong, gold and even estimated at 700 billion and below.

a State-owned large Nantong branch credit also to the 21st century business Herald said, since the second quarter, Central Bank credit lines of the Bank's overall more relaxed than last year have greatly relax, has not been fully put in specifically for small businesses and some of the major lines.

credit line of relatively loose

Gold report, from July, large-scale commercial lines of credit grew by about 20%, small and medium banks credits grew by about CK, accordingly, domestic bank loans of more than 800 billion yuan that year. According to Central Bank statistics, effective new loans for the same period in 2013, 699.9 billion, than in July, regulators gave significant commercial bank credit growth has been more lenient.

in fact, for some time, regulators have the adjusted loan appraisal policy, also has issued loans to support Studio change, small, targeted reduction policy, the market for commercial bank lending space, Community financing needs were optimistic.

on August 5, the 21st century business Herald reporters separately interviewed Bank, Jiangsu and other large, medium and small scale Bank loan officers, banks said the current credit line from the Bank relatively well-off, 7 August maintained in June to ease.

but as mentioned above, even though plenty of commercial bank credit lines, but the actual loan deficiency has deviated from, some commercial banks ' new loans roughly even with last year.

in this regard, the main restricting factors to deposit, according to the CICC projections over the past three years of historical data (excluding influence of money shortage in June or July last year) showed that the average June July decline in deposit increments of 25%. In June new deposits 3.79wanyilai projections, July decline or reached 1 trillion, on the higher part of the loan to deposit ratio of the Bank lending restrictions.

excluding seasonal factors, a notable indicator is in July, major commercial banks increased discounting, which CICC report, four rows of the month discounting nearly 50% per cent of new loans, a record.

21st century business Herald reporters check out xibenxi route data found that in July, large bank acceptance bills month discounted rates up to 4.74 per thousand, low 4.59 per thousand, and record lows in recent months.

"credit adequacy, lending project won't release full lines, commercial banks more lines will be used for discounted; line is tight, you can reduce the size of the discount. "China Merchants Bank one credit in Jiangsu province said.

in his view, at present, the main factors restricting credit was not of sufficient quality loan program, for example, in northern Jiangsu industrial park in 2013, steel, chemical fiber enterprises after the crisis, is currently quite bust.


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